Drawing classes for kids ages 10-12 at IU Northwest starting soon!

Attention parents of 10-12 year olds in or near Northwest Indiana!

There are still spaces available at Indiana University Northwest’s first Kids College session.

I will be teaching a Drawing class for kids ages 10-12 meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-11:30am, June 13-22. 

This will be a fun class is for beginners as well as those students who want to take their drawing skills to the next level! Students will gain confidence as they learn and incorporate new skills and concepts including proportion, composition, and shading techniques for pencil and charcoal to create bold and realistic drawings.

Fact: IU Northwest has been rated the safest IU campus!

Please help spread the word, click here for the flyer and register your child here today!



New painting added to IU Northwest’s collection


I am thrilled to have one of my most recent paintings purchased by Indiana University Northwest!

I am hoping this piece finds a great new home on the walls of the new Arts & Sciences building opening for classes this fall!





Foreshadow, recall, and the tension of freedom; 24″ x 48″, oil and wax on panel.

New Work from Spring 2017

I have been working on a new but related body of work, exploring the role of memory in shaping our identities and self-awareness, and the internal and external influences that constitute our autobiographies, our life stories and myths. Each of these new pieces references ideas of perception and identity, selectively appropriating shadows from archived family images.

The painting below is oil and wax on Arches oil paper, (which I am loving.) This piece is a bit smaller (22″ x 30″), but I am working on larger pieces, and am concurrently painting on panels. Those images will follow!

A glimpse of you, or someone else;
22″ x 30″, oil and wax on paper.

New work

One in a new series, experimenting with Arches oil paper – and I am excited about the possibilities! These paintings coexist with my previous project, appropriating images from family photographs. This group extracts only the shadows from the archived photographs.

Shadows of an old storm; 22″ x 30″, oil and wax on paper.


Preview Day at White Ripple Gallery

Mooring has been installed, and opens today at White Ripple Gallery! Below is a sampling of the work in this exhibition.

I will be a special preview today, September 4, between 1-3 pm. I have 15 small proof-prints from the photographic work represented in the exhibition to give away to the first 15 guests.

The reception will take place in conjunction with White Ripple’s Second Saturday Event on Saturday, September 10, between 7-10 pm.




Come and join us!

White Ripple printed flyer single

Special Preview Date for “Mooring” at White Ripple Gallery

Join me on Sunday, September 4 between 1:00-3:00 pm for an opening preview of my new exhibit, Mooring, at the White Ripple second floor gallery, 6725 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, Indiana 46323. (* Note that the gallery hours are by appointment during the week, but don’t let that stop you, give them a call and come by!)

Mooring is an exhibition of mixed media, including painting, drawing and photography, exploring human perception, memory and recall (and will include some brand new work).

  • The exhibit runs September 4-October 2
  • the reception will coincide with the Second Saturday Event on Saturday, September 10, 7:00-10:00 pm
  • I will also be giving an artist’s talk at 8:00 pm

Visit White Ripple Gallery’s  Event page  and website for more information.

I hope to see you there!



Save the Date for “Mooring” at White Ripple Gallery!


In other good news….

I am pleased to announce my upcoming solo exhibition at White Ripple Gallery, 6725 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, IN, during the month of September!  Mooring is an exhibition of mixed media, including painting, drawing and photography exploring human perception, memory and recall. 

We decided to move the date up, so this is a save-the-date while the official Facebook invite and other promotional materials get put together. Lots to do, preparing for my new teaching position at IU Northwest that begins just days before Mooring is installed. I am also in the midst of 3 brand new pieces, which I am hoping to unveil during this exhibition!

There should be a lively crowd at the opening reception that will coincide with White Ripple’s Second Saturday event on September 10, 7:00pm. 

The gallery is now located on the second level, please come out and join us, I’d love to see you!

(You can find and like White Ripple Gallery on Facebook.)



A recent challenge to create a non-conventional self-portrait.

I felt it appropriate to frame myself through my current body of work, since it is connected to personal narratives, or topographies, created by our perception and memory. This was a good exercise: what would a portion of my ‘topography’ look like to me? To others? And what does it reflect?

Intrepidity (a self-portrait)

Intrepidity (a self-portrait); 18″ x 18″, oil and wax on panel

Memory Survey: Thanks!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped with the Memory Survey!

I have received over 100 responses and the survey is now closed. It will take me some time to go over the data, which is only step one in this project (these things take time!). I will continue to post developments here as the project moves along.

Time and Money; 24"x24", oil and wax on panel.

Time and Money;
24″x24″, oil and wax on panel.

Please help me collect information for a new art project!

I am looking for a minimum of 100 random individuals (1000 would be AMAZING!) to participate in a completely voluntary and anonymous 9-question survey; no e-mail or tracking information is being gathered, only your honest answers to these questions.

The data gathered with this survey will be used to inform a social art project exploring memory and recall, specifically as it relates to photographic imagery and/or music. Please feel free to pass this link on to others who are willing to participate.

Progress on this project and the (hopeful) subsequent exhibition can be found here, and on my Facebook page

Click here to view and take this quick survey (it should take no more than 5-10 minutes).

Thank you so much for your help, this should be interesting!

Feeman, Cathy_10

Summer Art Program for High School Juniors and Seniors at IU Northwest

School’s almost out, make the IUN ArtLab YOUR summer art plans!

IMG_7598I am excited to be the program coordinator for a new pilot program with Indiana University Northwest’s Department of Fine Arts for high school art students this June!

The IUN ArtLab is a new summer Fine Art program open to high school juniors & seniors who have a passion for pursing art and are ready for a university Fine Art experience.

ArtLab will provide exposure to contemporary art while preparing students with an understanding of basic studio practices, tools and materials, and the skills necessary to thrive in a university fine art program.

The program consists of six weekly classes, beginning Friday, June 10th, and ending, July 15th from 1:00-4:00pm. Classes will meet at IUN’s Arts on Grant facility, located behind Theatre Northwest: 1776 W. 37th Street, Gary, IN, off Grant Street.

* This year’s program is being offered free of charge, and is limited to 20 students! Don’t miss this opportunity, the deadline for registration is June 1, so students need to register ASAP to reserve a spot. 

Click here to download a registration brochure.  

Questions? E-mail me at

New drawing classes at the Marshall J. Gardner Center in Miller!

Pass the word!

I am so pleased to be partnering with South Shore Arts and the Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts in Miller, IN, to offer drawing classes for kids (8-10 years old) and adults (15 and up) this Spring!

The class for beginning drawing students dispels the myth that drawing ability is something that certain people are born with, while others are not. Learning to draw essentially means learning to see, these skills absolutely can be taught to anyone with a desire to learn. Designed to build a foundation for beginning students, this class uses various drawing exercises and projects that focus on the fundamentals of drawing, including line, shape, value and form. Students will gain confidence and grow in their drawing skills, using black and white mediums such as pencil, pen & ink, and charcoal. All supplies are included.

The intermediate class will take your drawing to the next level! This class builds upon the skills learned in the beginning drawing class, and continues to develop the concepts introduced in those sessions, adding an understanding of design and composition to create drawings with interest and depth. New techniques and mediums will be introduced, along with weekly sketchbook assignments. (Students should bring their own sketchbooks.)

The first  five-week beginning drawing sessions begin on Wednesday March 27, and the intermediate sessions follow immediately after, on Wednesday April 27.

Click here to access South Shore Arts for complete registration information, and directions to the Gardner Center.

Below is a selection of projects and exercises from previous drawing classes for kids.

(Click on thumbnails for larger view.)

Recent works, Fall 2015

A few recent paintings.



Mixed Media

These are a few recent experiments with photography and mixed media, continuing to explore various functions and dynamics of memory.






Photographic additions

Visit my Photographic Works page to see more recent additions!



IUN Purchase Award

Pretty excited to have just received the Purchase Award for IUN’s 2015 campus exhibition! My piece Memoir will be included in IUN’s permanent art collection, and installed on campus. Memoir is an installation of seven 12″ x 19″ porcelain and watercolor pieces.


New Artworks

Click here to view images from my recent exhibition at IU Northwest’s Gallery for Contemporary Art.

New Photographic Works

I have just added some photographic works from a recent project that I am very excited about. These images are printed at 16″ x 24″.


Recent exhibition

“Moorings in Tine”, a preview from my thesis exhibition at the Indiana University Northwest Gallery for Contemporary Art, open through Thursday, April 9.

thesis title


Recent Works Added to Gallery

A few recent works, recently added to my gallery page.


Decoding; 36" x 48", oil and wax on panel.

Decoding; 36″ x 48″, oil and wax on panel.

New Domain Name

New year, new domain name!

Thanks for visiting and/or subscribing to my website. Please note that this website domain has now been switched from to The focus of the site has shifted since it was originally set up, so this change made sense.

Through June of 2015, you will automatically redirected to this new domain name.

Reminiscence; 36"x24", oil and wax on panel.

Reminiscence; 36″x24″, oil and wax on panel.

In the Studio

I’ve finally finished the sanding and priming for this 9-panel installation, a part of what I’ll be working on over the next few months!

studio 1_15

Happy Holidays!

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season, and looking forward to a wonderful new year!

Below is an image that was selected for Indiana University Northwest’s Holiday greeting card from the Chancellor. It is a deconstructed image of an origami Santa.

Santa, Origami; 21"x21", oil and wax on polypropylene.

Santa, Origami; 21″x21″, oil and wax on polypropylene.