Exhibition of New Works

Shadow and Mooring; 

an exhibition of new works by Cathy Feeman

at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts NIPSCO Education Studio, Michigan City, IN

August 30-September 29, 2018


I am excited to unveil new work in conjunction with Lubeznik’s current exhibition, Warhol: Icon and Influence

The subtle interaction between our past and present subsequently influences our interpretation of the future. My work seeks to provide a poetic observation of the internal and external influences that write and edit our autobiographies. It ultimately asks us to consider the role of the perception and recall of stories and myths, family histories and identities – or the absence thereof – in constructing and preserving personal and cultural narratives. Implying a sense of anchoring or stability, the theme of “mooring” is an underlying theme in my work.

Rooted in the midwestern working/middle class landscape of South Chicago and its suburbs, these painted and photo-based works are autobiographical in nature, prompted by real and inferred memories embedded in the shadows of appropriated family photographs, often employing mapping or topographical themes as metaphors for the moorings that influence the ways in which we engage with our world.

Please join me for a reception on Friday September 7, 5:00-8:00pm


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