Eight Reasons for Enrolling in a Drawing Class

There is still time to register for my six-week drawing course for adults ages 55+ through CURE‘s (Center for Urban and Regional Excellence) Senior University program at Indiana University Northwest!

Why should YOU take a drawing class?

  1. Drawing and art making are activities that anyone can do, at any age, anywhere
  2. Doing new things, especially things that challenge you, will keep your brain sharp!
  3. Drawing can be a very relaxing activity
  4. Drawing can be a great tool to process and express emotions, or relieve stress
  5. You will have FUN
  6. You will meet some new people
  7. You will feel really good about accomplishing something new
  8. (P.S., this class is also free!)

Whether you have never tried to draw (or never thought you could!), haven’t picked up art supplies in a very long time, or want to take your drawing to a new level, this class is for you! Weekly classes will introduce and reinforce concepts such as line, value, proportion and form, and composition while exploring expression with pencil, charcoal, and pen, drawing from both photographs and real life.

Classes will meet on Wednesdays between 2-4pm, July 26-August 30.

* This class is free, and all  materials are provided, but you must register!

Register today by calling 219-980-6978 or by emailing cureiun@iun.edu

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